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We are kicking off the New Year with a really exciting, and rather large conservation and renovation project for the old Stuart Crystal buildings in Wordsley, Stourbridge. This historically significant local treasure is locally renowned for being one of the biggest local employers during the latter half of the 20th century until it was shut down over 20 years ago; sadly remaining derelict ever since. Thanks to a local investment, we will be part of the mammoth project to breathe some new life back into this treasured landmark, saving the structure and redecorating to conserve this listed building and bring it back to working order with a bit of style.

The buildings will be converted into a museum to exhibit the truly unique production of glass crystal, which will not only provide some tourism and act as a significant attraction for the area, but it will also fill the void that the abandonment of the building left behind. The employees informed us of how their family members had worked at the Crystal factory and that it was a core piece of Stourbridge history that they were really pleased would be respectively restored.

One of the many reasons that we are really pleased to have been selected as the decorators for this project, renovations often serving as the most satisfying decorating work in light of the dramatic transformation that we get to witness and be a part of.

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Thanks to all for the replies so far. Hi everyone, Thanks fo all your help over the Decanters, i seem to have found the answer from the Glass Museum, please see response below. Visit the Glass Encyclopedia. Manufactured chemical ware, electric light bulbs, landing lights for glass collecting glasses up from Ross httpglassgallery. Vintage Stuart that is for new ones useful if, assuming this topic.

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There are so many cut-glass patterns and I’m not sure where they are all recorded. Snap Shots.

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This one was new in , but they got out of date pretty quickly. The shape was developing very rapidly ‘Stuart Crystal. It’s certainly old. Seventeenth century.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A part set of Georgian cut crystal, comprising of seven rummers, five smaller rummers and two decanters, both engraved with stoppers. Provenance: F. Strange Pty Ltd.

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I have always found crystal to be uniquely magical, with its intricate facets breaking light into little shards of the rainbow, but I had little concept of where or how it was made until recently. And, perhaps most importantly of all, lead crystal has a brilliant, clear, silvery appearance that responds wonderfully to cutting. England is one of the great glass-making centres of the world, and the area of crystal is no exception.

In , an eleven year old orphan by the name of Frederick Stuart was sent to work at the Redhouse Glassworks on the Crystal Mile, carrying on the glassmaking traditions of the generations before him. Young Stuart likely worked in what to us might look like something of an alien landscape, with great brick cones towering up to nearly feet high, and coal-burning furnaces raging constantly, filling the air with soot. By the time the irascible Stuart retired at the remarkable age of 82, the firm had come to be dominated entirely by he and his sons, making it an entirely Stuart affair.

Over the coming generations, these young men carried on the innovating and dominating spirit of their long-lived ancestor, until finally, in , the business outgrew the iconic Red Cone, and moved to a factory next to it, thankfully never demolishing the local landmark it was instead used as storage. Today, it serves as a museum, and is the best preserved out of only four such glassmaking cones left in the whole of the UK.

Stuart Crystal can be credited with some truly iconic contributions to the history of crystal, such as Stuart Medallion Cameo Glass , and the Beaconsfield Pattern , which is still used today. Keeping pace with the times, Stuart Crystal also produced Art Nouveau vases and bowls adorned with trailed green decoration, and novelty cocktail sets featuring spiders, devils, and lucky symbols some which now reside at the Broadfield House Glass Museum.

The principal designers who helped to shape the look of Stuart Crystal include Ludwig Kny , Reg Pierce , and John Luxton , the latter of which moved the company into the modern era with his contemporary table service designs in the s. In , the crystal-making firm was successfully bought out by the equally renowned Waterford Wedgwood company.

COURTLY Stuart Crystal/Paste/Enamel/22k Ring, c.1685!

Waterford Crystal is a manufacturer of crystal , named after the city of Waterford , Ireland. This new location is now home to a manufacturing facility that melts over tons of crystal a year, although most Waterford Crystal is now produced outside Ireland. This new facility offers visitors the opportunity to take guided tours of the factory and also offers a retail store, showcasing the world’s largest collection of Waterford Crystal.

The origins of crystal production in Waterford date back to [2] when George and his nephew William Penrose started their business. It produced extremely fine flint glass that became world-renowned.

Date Listed:4 minutes ago; Last Edited:5 minutes ago; Condition:Used. TAN12 ads. Gummie since Hi, I’m interested in “24k gold plated crystal perfume bottle”. Is this still available? Vtg Hand Made STUART Crystal Decanter fr England.

Description 7 Stuart Crystal Champagne saucers. These are in the Victoria pattern and probably date from around One is signed Stuart. Very elegant with a wide bowl and star cut foot. In very good condition with only light signs of use. Paying for items You can easily pay in one of two ways: either by Paypal to judithannpearce hotmail. We do ship abroad so please ask us for international postage cost on any item.

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