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Native Americans and Polynesians Met Around 1200 A.D.

The indigenous people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are termed Polynesians , sharing many similar traits including language family , culture , and beliefs. The largest country in Polynesia is New Zealand. In , Jules Dumont d’Urville proposed a restriction on its use during a lecture to the Geographical Society of Paris.

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Throughout both the Old and New Worlds, the development of monumental architecture, such as religious temples and shrines, provides one of the clearest archaeological signals of the emergence of complex, stratified societies from simpler societies organized primarily around kinship. In particular, complex chiefdoms and the early archaic states that emerged from them typically exercised power through a control hierarchy linked to religious ritual and temples.

Precise and accurate dating of such ceremonial architecture can therefore provide unprecedented insight into the pace of economic, social, and political developments in ancient societies that lacked calendars and written records. Conventional approaches to dating such monumental architecture constructed in Polynesia prior to European contact have relied principally on the use of oral traditions and radiocarbon dating, supplemented by considerations of architectural style and construction methods.

However, the accuracy of uncorroborated oral traditions is uncertain, the precision of radiocarbon dates within key intervals can be severely degraded by the inherent difficulty encountered in converting radiocarbon dates to calendar years, and considerations of construction style and technique do not reveal the tempo of related social changes.

Shell, therefore, is the most logical material for dating Pacific sites since Island​–an early occupation site associated with the initial Polynesian.

Polynesia encompasses a huge triangular area of the east-central Pacific Ocean. At the turn of the 21st century, about 70 percent of the total population of Polynesia resided in Hawaii. The physical environment of the Polynesian islands is not as favourable for human habitation as it might at first seem. It certainly presented difficulties when the ancestors of the Polynesians entered the area some 2, to 3, years ago, first settling on the western islands—Wallis and Futuna, Samoa, and Tonga—which were devoid of much that was needed for human habitation.

As a result, early peoples had to take in a wide variety of subsistence items, including most of the useful plants and all of the domestic animals they required. The physical environment has continued to exert a marked influence on Polynesian culture. Polynesian cultures have been radically altered by Western colonialism. European explorers navigated much of the area in the latter quarter of the 18th century, and the first missionaries arrived in the late s and early s.

Britain annexed New Zealand through the Treaty of Waitangi , but interethnic tension arose between the indigenous Maori. In many areas Christianity was also influenced by local traditions and customs. Many Polynesians were recruited to proselytize other parts of the Pacific, particularly Melanesia. After World War II , local sentiments for decolonization began to spread. Samoa became the first postcolonial Pacific nation when it gained sovereignty from New Zealand in

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About years ago, long before dating apps existed, Polynesians from the South Pacific and Native Americans from what is now Colombia hooked up, creating a genetic signature that still exists in some Polynesians today, a new genetic study finds. Here’s the kicker, though: Scientists aren’t sure where this coupling happened. It’s possible Native Americans traveled to Polynesia, or alternatively, Polynesians boated to the region that is now Colombia, and then returned to Polynesia, taking their Polynesian-Native American children and maybe even a few Native Americans with them, the researchers said.

These data, as well as those from sites elsewhere in East Polynesia, favor a date ranges for cultural deposits of four Marquesan archaeological sites[link].

Stone statues on Easter Island. Traces of Native American ancestry have been found in the genomes of modern inhabitants of some Polynesian islands, suggesting that ancient islanders met and mixed with people from South America. Polynesia was one of the last corners of the world that humans settled, as island-hopping groups from Asia and Oceania began to push farther east some 1, years ago. A new analysis supports the long-standing, but unproven, theory that ancient Polynesians had contact with Native Americans A.

Ioannidis et al. Researchers had thought that this was most likely to have happened on Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui, because of its proximity to South America. But the latest data suggest that these encounters — or perhaps a single meeting — happened on islands thousands of kilometres farther away from the continent. Comparisons of this genetic material with that from Native American groups suggested that Zenu people, an Indigenous group in Colombia, carry DNA most like that found in Polynesians.

On the basis of the length of shared DNA segments — which shorten in successive generations — the researchers estimate that people in remote eastern Polynesia produced offspring with South Americans between ad and ad

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Rolett Barry V. Marquesan prehistory and the origins of East Polynesian culture. Temporal relationships are established among artifact assemblages from four archaeological sites on different islands in the Marquesas. One of four models of early East Polynesian prehistory may best explain the data available from these sites. The Marquesan archaeological data are analyzed in terms of the four models.

These data, as well as those from sites elsewhere in East Polynesia, favor a model of Interaction and cultural continuity. This model suggests that long distance two-way voyaging linked distant archipelagoes during early East Polynesian prehistory, creating a regional homeland with cultural similarities maintained by intercommunication.

Early Marquesan archaeological evidence is of extraordinary importance for understanding the origins of East Polynesian culture. This is in large part because archaeological remains of comparable antiquity are still unknown from other islands in central eastern Polynesia. Although voyaging models Irwin , predict that the southern Cooks and Societies were settled by B. The Marquesan cultural sequence is much longer, with at least two and possibly three sites settled as early as the first few centuries B.

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Precise and accurate dating of such ceremonial architecture can therefore and ritual sites and structures makes it possible to precisely and accurately date a.

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