Who is Jun Matsumoto’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Arashi’s MJ

After graduating from high school, Sota Koyurugi Jun Matsumoto studies bakery at an institute. In high school, he fell in love with beautiful Saeko. Because of Sota’s effort, he is able to have a romantic relationship with Saeko right before Christmas. Saeko though tells Sota that she will be unable to meet him on Valentine’s Day, but can meet him on the day before Valentine’s Day. On that day, Sota gives Saeko chocolate that he made, but she doesn’t accept his gift. Saeko tells him that she didn’t think they were dating. Sota is heartbroken, but he doesn’t give up hope. To make Saeko love him, he travels to France with little money and studies chocolate there.

Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao to Announce Engagement?

By chifuni , October 31, in global celebrities. The truth is still a mystery, but the exposure of the photograph of the lovers outfit has caused many fans to feel excited, thus expressing their wish for them to get together, although some have calmly analysed that this could also be due to the coincidence of their stylists choosing the same outfit. Reporter : The 2 leading actors in the movie Hana Yori Dango Final for some reason, seems suspicious.

Reporter : Hana Yori was a big 8 billion hit, and Matsumoto and Inoue are also active in singing and acting respectively. Reporter : During the drama, both of them overcame many troubles before ending up together, and it seems the same happened in real life. Reporter : It was said that while Matsumoto was doing a photo shoot for a free paper, his phone rang and Inoue Mao’s name was indicated on his mobile phone.

NYAFF runs June July 14 in New York City. possible suspect in the shy and “odd” Shirono Miki (Inoue Mao) whose disappearance.

Thursday, October 23, Ito Hideaki to marry a non-celebrity. Labels: Couples , Ito Hideaki. Labels: Couples , Nakama Yukie. It started airing on 8th September. Labels: CM , Mizushima Hiro. Labels: Gossip , Oguri Shun. The items came from people who have worked for years in the entertainment industry and gossip magazine journalists. The three short movies are based on Meiji’s Xylish mints slogan ‘Ii kiss o shiyou’.

Taken from the woman’s point of view, Matsuda Shota seduces you with three types of kisses; the hardboiled kiss, the secret kiss and the one night kiss. In Hardboiled Kiss, he holds onto your hand as you run together into a warehouse and he apologizes for bringing you into the mess. In Secret Kiss, Shota plays a younger guy who suddenly pulls you into a closet, against your feeble protests. In One Night Kiss, the two of you are sitting in a cab and he plays it cool while you tearfully confess.

Labels: CM , Matsuda Shota. An industry insider comments on why after several years of a rumoured relationship, media outlets have only recently begun to report on them, with even photos being published.

The Snow White Murder Case

I have to say…can you really blame her? Akanishi and Kuroki suddenly married in and had a daughter the same year. Later Kuroki was linked to Lupin co-star Oguri Shun see 8 and even Akanishi was said to have cheated while he was filming 47 Ronin.

Name: Mao Inoue; Japanese: 井上真央; Birthdate: January 09, ; Birthplace: The Snow White Murder Case | Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken () – Miki.

Mao Inoue born January 9, is a Japanese actress. She debuted as an actress when she was five years old. Inoue Mao started her career as an actress when she was five years old. She has been in many dramas since then. The viewers took notice of her in the series Kids War which ran successfully from to In , she co-starred in her first film: Check It Out, Yo!

‘Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken (The Snow White Murder Case)’

Post a Comment. Tuesday, August 12, I remembered those days when I loved to watch Hana Yori Dango so much! I can’t believe it when I read this article! Arashi Matsumoto Jun 30 and Inoue Mao 27 have been dating for 9 years and they will be tying the knot in August!

I believe so, Inoue san such a cute lady. Inoue Mao boyfriend with matsumoto jun? 12 As of September , Mao Inoue is rumored to be in a relationship with fellow actor, Is matsumoto jun and inoue Mao dating?

However, in some cases it is said that marriage is the most popular invitation to bring down the idol image. There seems to be many people who hesitate about this condition. But nonetheless seems to think Arashi got married in the middle of his popularity Advertising agency official. The office also push Ninomiya and puts his own condition. Marriage will pass only when 20th Anniversary tour has been successfully completed the same advertising agency official.

In April this year magazines report that couple also living together in Ninomiya condominium Weekly Women. After she retired from the entertainment industry the relationship becomes more serious in expectation to marry. Ninomiya falling more in love with her when Ito quits her office. Even marriage can destroy popularity. However Ito was suffering bashing by fans more than necessary.

Asian pop’s TOP 8 most controversial celebrity couples

As for how Arashi got the hosting seat this year, it is said that using a joint signature with Johnny Kitagawa they sent provisions to people connected with NHK, such as inviting them to the concert in Hawaii, providing them with stays in fancy hotels along with giving them presents of expensive bags and neckties. In truth, [the total coverage access in] Hawaii was also a present [sent to NHK]. Of course, NHK was invited a member of the media and did their coverage while staying at a high class hotel.

Without fail, the media was surprised. Arashi was safely chosen as the hosts because of these efforts.

· My post on the Japanese tabloid news break about the dating relationship between Hana Yori Dango leads Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao made.

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and matsumoto jun dating

Encouraged by her mother to start and a fan letter after her first year in the business, Mao Inoue began her career as a child actress at age five and has not stopped since. Mao was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, just west of Tokyo, in She gained national Japanese attention on Kids War from to Rumours of romance and even marriage for her and Arashi member Matsumoto Jun soon spread and kept fans tingled for years.

It was reported that they were dating, but their talent agencies were hindering an official union. Others speculated that these are mere publicity stunts.

Jun Arashi non-no magazine Shun Oguri, You Are My Soul, to the Long Rumored Dating Between Hana Yori Dango’s Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao.

The Japanese are big fans of mysteries of the puzzle-plot sort, with murders committed in the kinds of odd and ingenious ways that real killers seldom use. First, there is the corpse of the lovely Noriko Miki Nanao , found stabbed and charred in the woods of a national park. An OL office lady at a cosmetics company, she was renowned for her beauty, as well as rumored to be sleeping with her handsome, conceited boss Shinoyama Nobuaki Kaneko.

He interviews others who know Miki, including a co-worker who saw her suspiciously running up the stairs of a train station on the night of the murder. Afterward, she stopped showing up for work, pleading a family emergency. How fishy is that? Believing he has a big, career-making scoop, the director persuades his superiors to run the story on TV, igniting a media firestorm.

Mao and jun dating

I was supposed to make a rumor digest before I continue with my GnS recap until I saw 3 posts about this never-dying issue. Since the end of Hana Yori Dango , rumors that the two are dating have forever circulated. Since Arashi will be hosting Kohaku again! Mere speculations or is there a bit of truth from it all? Viewing tickets for the upcoming 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen has sold like hotcakes in prices reaching up to , Yen in auction sites.

Instead Matsumoto and Inoue Mao has great reception after 10 years of association. “From around September , Ohno wants to leave the a former free announcer Ako [Ito Ayako], who had been dating for some time.

Ofcourse not!!! Inoue will not like to have a boyfriend that is a yaoi Doh!!! Inoue is from Yokohama, Japan. Multiple press outlets have reported that Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue are dating, however, it has yet to be officially confirmed as of September Matsumoto is a Japanese actor and singer. Jun Matsumoto is not married. It is rumored however that he has been in a long term, nine year relationship, with Mao Inoue.

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao photographed together at late night dinner

Author’s note : I know that was tough for Jun and Mao , but I have a bias for this ship so I put it for a rough ride and wanted to see where it set sail. I’m proud of Jun. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me.

girlfriend (Renbutsu Misako) working for Noriko’s company about the case, she tells him her mousy colleague Jono Miki (Inoue Mao) was dating Shinoyama.

The two obviously met during the filming of the series, and has dated ever since. The series started airing in , so they have been together for over 10 years. Matsumoto is heavily guarded by his agency regarding his love life, so the couple has not been caught on camera as much as other celebrity couples. Many fans and tabloid writers expect the two to get married sometimes soon, but we are never sure of when the two will get together. Before Matsumoto started dating Inoue, he was dating Kou Shibasaki.

However, since Shibasaki had been dating various men at once, and she has cheated on her past boyfriends more than once, it is unsure whether this is actually true or not. Because Matsumoto started dating Inoue around , the two must have dated before that, but this causes a weird paradox. Shibasaki had been dating Satoshi Tsumabuki at that time, and that should have made it hard for her to date Matsumoto at the same time. Seems a bit impossible?

Yes, but we never know how important celebrities consider their relationship to be. However, no reports had been found after His described his ideal type of woman to be very Japanese.

Matsumoto Jun Inoue Mao Are Dating? 松本 潤 井上 真央